CEO Greetings

Dear all Customers!

Welcome to visiting website of Hyundai Marine Machinery Co.,Ltd(here in after referred to as HMMCO)
which orient itself towards high quality management and the world best technology.

The HMMCO is located in Incheon city, Korea, producing and supplying Waste Oil Incinerator, Aux,
Blower for Main Engine, Forced Draft Fan for Boiler and other type of fans for special purpose, etc.
for marine use.

It is HMMCO's policy that the products should be pursuant to high quality standard and the technology
used should be well proven and the most up to dated. All staffs and employees strive to make the everlasting
quality improvement and technical development to achieve these goals.

Also, we sincerely respect customer's requirements and are prepared to provide prompt and reliable
service to customer's satisfaction.

Hopfully, this website helps you understand what HMMCO is and you pay deep concern toward HMMCO.

Thank you.

Representative: Su-hong, Kim / Byung_gil, Yo